My Money Making Journey

My personal online journey within the world of online money making has been fast, mind boggling and most importantly unpredictably successful. Throughout this story, I’ll explain start to finish where my journey began and how it’s changed my day to day life to fulfill my goals.

Where It All Began..

Since around highschool age, I’ve always had a huge interest in business. At the age of  13, after starting highscool, my first “business venture” began as I would visit my local store every morning and spend what I had available on chewing gum and sweets. Unsurprisingly, the demand for sweets in a highscool was rampant and the fact I was selling them for double the price never seemed to be questioned by any of my peers. This undercover snack empire would soon be quashed, as the teaching staff unveiled a secret, very unhealthy, student run tuck shop.

But, this would not be the end of my high school business venture. A year or so later, I discovered a website called “Alibaba”. If you’re unfamiliar as to what Alibaba is, it allows anyone (even highschool students) to purchase products direct from the manufacturer in bulk. With the majority of the suppliers on the website being based in East Asia, the price of most items on there are near enough cost price if you buy in numbers. So, I sat down one evening and thought out another business idea. What else (apart from snacks) could my fellow students not turn down. At this time, iPods were the in thing within my school and students were listening to music everwhere you looked. So, that was it, with my earnings from the undercover school tuck shop, I put my money into 100 pairs of iPod earphones.

Once they arrived, I’d pack 10 units into my school bag per day and walk around during my lunch break selling them to my friends. The word got around quickly, as £5.00 for a pair of Apple earphones is a steal to any teenager. Within the same month, my earphones were sold and my second order from China was placed.

Later on in the year, I hit the jackpot as the iPods began to die out and the new gadget on the block hit the highschools. The iPhone was now in the majority of student pockets and still required earphones, however this time there was a new niche to jump on. Unlike iPods which were durable and could be thrown around as you liked, dropping your new iPhone on the floor made your heart sink as you picked the phone up and prayed the screen had survived the landing. As more iPhones cracked (including my own) the iPod earphones were joined by another product, the iPhone case.

My friends in China, who obviously didn’t know they were supplying a 15 year old student with 100 pairs of earphones a month agreed to put me in touch with a partner who supplied protective cases for the new iPhone. I invested in 100 cases to be shipped alongside the earphones and as predicted, they sold just as well, usually together as a pair.

Towards the end of highschool, my small school business evolved as I created my own website and branded the cases under a new name “InSync”. The iPhone cases now came in multiple colours and designs and contained my new business logo. The new website also allowed the general public to purchase the cases, not just the students within my school.

Real Life Begins..

During the final stages of my education, I was faced with two options to take once the time came to leave. I’ll be honest, I didn’t enjoy school apart from fooling around with friends and my mini empires that opened every lunchtime. Further education was not high on my agenda and the only two subjects I enjoyed were ICT and woodwork. As I couldn’t see a long term career in selling iPhone cases online, I opted to start a joinery apprenticeship and once leaving school at 16, my working life began.

My apprenticeship was hard work, long hours and underpaid, as many apprenticeships are. In fact, during the first year of my apprenticeship, the iPhone case business I had set up in highschool was bringing in more money than my apprentice wage. Unfortunately, in the second year, this would have to come to an end as the shopfitting company I worked for required me to work away from home, meaning there would be no way of packing and posting the cases to my customers. InSync was close for business, and my joinery career took centre stage.

As my apprenticeship progressed and my qualification approched, my mind was still thinking of new business ideas and ventures, as it always had been. With me often working away and not being at home to fulfil any physical orders, I decided to purchase a laptop that I could take along with me. It was during this time my next lightbulb moment came to me, and as my mind had always worked, the idea would be top priority until I was happy with the results.

I was to create an online eSports platform allowing gamers from Call of Duty and FIFA to find players for their team and then compete against the rest. ProLeagues was my biggest project of all and with no qualifications in web design, I began teaching myself code to build the perfect platform.

When the website was complete, I began promoting the platform over Facebook groups filled with gamers across the world who were looking for something like ProLeagues. For players to join and compete, I would to take a monthly subscription fee from each member and offer cash prizes for winning tournaments in return. Within the first 4 months of ProLeagues, the platform had attracted over 6,000 members, which for an apprentice joiner working part time, still to this day blows my mind. My work colleagues were also aware of the online platform I had created on an evening whilst back at numerous hotels and were also curious as to how I had gone from fitting skirting boards and door frames to coding a platform with thousands of users within 4 months. The answer was the determination to learn coding and hard work during my free time. The key to online success.

Unfortunately, as successful as ProLeagues was for around 18 months or so, other platforms such as Gfinity and VirginGaming began to emerge who had funding for mass marketing, leading to larger audiences and ultimately bigger prizes. ProLeagues was closed for business in 2015, but the knowledge I had picked up from creating the website and running an official business would stay with me for the forseable future.

Taking The Leap..

With ProLeagues gone and my ever present business void now empty once again, I continued through my career in carpentry scouring the internet for my next lightbulb moment. As I’m sure many of you reading this have done yourselves, Googling or YouTubing “Ways to make money online” was a daily task. I would research into every article I came across where people stated they made money from the internet. Within the past few years, I have seen and researched into over 50 techniques on how to make a full time income online. Many, as most of you will know are a complete myth and will provide you with no money at all.

However, the first method I bumped into that worked ran under the name of “Drop Shipping”. Drop shipping was completely new to me. I had sold items on eBay before (such as my iphone cases and earphones) but always wondered how sellers had eBay stores with thousands of items in stock but were located at a home address. It seems the answer to that question was drop shipping.

I began taking notes and reading into Drop shipping for hours and hours per day. I would listen to Drop shipping podcasts during my day at work. On my lunch I had a notepad filled with ideas and actions I would take once I arrived home and once I did, I was working until the early hours of the morning perfecting my new online venture.

For some reason, as simple as listing on eBay is, Drop Shipping provided a business thrill I’d never experienced before. I began to thrive off listing an item on eBay I didn’t actually own, hearing my phone “Ka-ching” after making a sale and obtaining a profit from it. By the end of my first month I had over 500 items listed on eBay, products that I’d never seen or touched before. As my eBay store grew, so did my monthly profits and after a year of hard work and completing numerous to-do lists, my Drop Shipping income had levelled out with my joinery wage. This was now becoming a challenge to cope with a 40 hour week and a growing online business. My next step, or business move you could say, would prove to be the riskiest move of my life to date.

What it eventually came down to was working a 40 hour week in a work shop doing the job I had trained 4 years to do. Or, leave the profession I had to be my own boss working from home. So, on Monday the 7th of March 2016 I made the leap and presented my notice of resignation first thing, walking out the same day to work fulltime from home and grow my new online business.

Where I Am Today..

After leaving my fulltime job in 2016, I have since worked on multiple projects over the past 2 years. My eBay drop shipping business has expanded to 3 Limited companies, each turning over an excess of £250,000 and employing several virtual assistants overseas.

With the majority of my Drop Shipping tasks being sourced out overseas, my day to day schedule now has room to fulfill other projects. I am still actively researching into various other money making techniques and am involved in 4 or 5 different niches including Affiliate Marketing, Cryptocurrency, Stocks and Branding.

I have also spent early 2018 designing and developing a patented credit card sized battery pack to charge mobile phones on the go. This has been acheived by months of research into a new solid state battery which has not yet been brought to the battery pack market.

My online business future is not yet set in stone and it never will be. The internet is forever changing and providing new ways to earn money online. The methods I have tried and tested can be found within the AdvanceOnline platform and provide the same step by step courses I used myself which explain how to implement the business plans for yourself.

We look forward to following your journey here with us at AdvanceOnline.

Greg Dougherty, AdvanceOnline CEO.